This is the BitSailor router start page. If you don't have a user yet, please register.

Log in to the router page (see links in the table below) with you boat name.

The router, and this site, are currently still under development. Please have a look at the Known Issues before using the router.

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Basic usage

  1. Drag&drop the start and finish flags or use the context menu to position them.
  2. Select the maximum duration.
  3. Tick the 'Start time' box to specify a start time, or leave it unchecked to use the current time.
  4. Press 'Execute'.

    Routing may take several minutes. Please avoid frequent long routings.
    Short routings (up to 4 days) only take a few seconds.


  1. Enter your NMEA port in the input field and press 'Reconnect'.
  2. Press 'Update' to acquire your boat position from realsail.net.

    The start flag is moved to your boat position and the NMEA timestamp is entered as the start time.

    It may take up to a minute until a position is available.
    If another client connects to the NMEA port, your connection may be terminated.

TWA tool

Waypoints and Isochrones

Troubleshooting / Known Issues


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